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Eland cow shot by Mo
Exceptional big Eland bul without horns
Recovery of Eland
Winch Eland on to cruiser
Exceptional big Eland bull without horns
Recovery of Eland
Cruiser recovering a big eland bull.We have all the equipment rollers and winches to load these big animals.
Pete Eland
Stefan Eland
Danie Eland
Pete Eland well done.
Danie's Eland
Good Eland bull shot by Francie.
Shaun Eland
Eland cow taken by Lizaan in
Underberg area with Donny G Safaris
Frank's Eland
Good Eland bull shot by Francie
Big Eland
Mo and Donny G
Huge Eland bull taken by Donny G
Mo showing where his Eland is lying
and very proud.
Eland with fat brisket
Eland carcass in our slaughter are
A Hunters Dream
Donny G Eland Bull
Danie with his Eland cow
Danie with his Eland bull
Recovering Eland in the berg
Stefan with his Eland Bull
Shaun with a huge Eland Bull well done.
Pete with his Eland cow
Eland loaded on Cruiser with a loading roller on top.
Beautiful Eland bull shot by Francios.
Jason with his Eland cow.
Shaun with his Eland cow
Pete,Tony,Donny G and Simon
Tony happy with his Eland Bull
Mo's Eland Bul
Pete's Eland Bull
Brian's Eland Cow
Pete's Eland Cow,Well Done
Reuben Hooke's Eland Bull
Pete and Donny G
 Donny G and Mo
SAAiD's Eland Bul
Staffs,Tony,Simon and Pete
Mo and Donny G 
Eland Cows
3 Eland Bulls Donny & Belinda G
Piet en sy Eland Bul
 Doctor Doc exceptional Bull
 Exceptional Bull