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Donny G Safaris is situated in Kokstad which is in Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa.We offer packages to suit the hunters requirements and here you experience a home from home personalised feeling.

There are no lies to Leica
On the 1st June 2014 I, Donny G of Donny G Safaris, left for 10 days Kudu hunting in the Middleton district of the Eastern Cape. The clients and I always enjoy the unfenced mountains and valleys to the thorny river banks against the lucerne lands.
It's wonderful hunting, up early and hunting until dark, then sitting around the good old camp fire at night, listening to the day's stories.
On the last day one of my clients wounded a Kudu bull and off we went tracking the bull.  The bull moved from the "Spec Boom" to a very thick bushy ravine. While tracking the bull there were places where we were on all fours to maneuvere through the bush. During all this I somehow lost my Leica Geovid 10x42 binoculars with the build in range finder without me being aware of it. We got the animal and the client and myself were very pleased. What a lovely bull he was.
Once my staff and I retrieved the bull, after photos were taken and we hung the bull in a Shepherds tree in the shade and we were ready to continue hunting.
This is when I realised that my Leica Geovid 10x42 were missing. I was very distressed and we went back to the area and tried to find the binoculars. As it was our last day our clients were leaving to a new area the next day to continue their Safari. I spoke to the farmer and asked him to tell his heard-boys to look for my Leica Geovid binoculars and offered a good reward.
Once our clients had left and I arrived back on the farm in Kokstad my wife and I decided that we would head back to the Middleton farm with our trackers and search for my Leica Geovid. We looked for 2 days but couldn't find them and looked in other areas on the farm where I could've lost them but had no luck. We left to come home with very sore hearts.
We went back the following year 2015 to hunt Kudu for a week on the same farm. We had a wonderful trip and came back, still not hearing anything of my binoculars.
On the 8th November 2016 I received a phone call from the farmer at Middleton, he said "I have some good news, we found your Leica Geovid binoculars in the veld." I said what do they look like and he said "look a bit sun beaten and stink of Jackal Urine." I was so amazed and asked him to send me some photos which he did. He said the binoculars was in a packet in his outside storeroom due to the smell.
I then phoned around to find out who could help me with my pride and joy bino's that were coated with Jackal urine and sun beaten.
I eventually after many phone calls got the name of the person to speak to in Cape Town called Ian Hardi. I got hold of him, told him my story and he was unbelievably helpful and said I was to get it to him. But firstly I was to remove the batteries as he was concerned the battery would corrode after being exposed to the elements for 29 months. The farmer removed the batteries and they were not corroded. The farmer wrapped the bino's up and sent them to Leica in Cape Town. After a short period Carri Anne from Leica in Cape Town got hold of me to let me know the bino's had been sent to Germany for inspection. I have been kept posted as to what was the latest update from Leico.
Well on Tuesday afternoon the 18/04/2017 I received a call from Ian Hardi saying my bino's should be back within a day or so and Carri Anne would be phoning me. Well, I received a phone call saying my Geovid bino's had been serviced and were in perfect working order. I thanked her and asked her the dreaded question, "how much do I owe leica?" Carri Anne said Ian had told her to get hold of me and to tell me that Leica would "foot the bill" in full, the cost to me was zero. Absolutely flabbergasted but unbelievably appreciated I thanked her very very much and I phoned Ian Hardi to thank him.
Being a professional hunter and hunting outfitter one's main tool of your trade are a good pair of binoculars and preferably with a built in range finder, like a car owner has a key to start their vehicle.
I have been operating with some other bino's in the interim and have battled to get used to them, as my Leica Geovid fitted like a glove.
I can whole heartly say that in our game our equipment can be put to the test on more than a few occasions. I would never be hunting without my Leica bino's due to their quality and durability but more than all Leica's service and back up is unbelievable. I will tell my local hunters and my international clients, farmers, friends and however I speak to about the out-standing service Leica has given us.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ian Hardi and his South African Leica team for their outstanding service and to Leica Germany, your service is phenomenal.
Thank you very much.
RegardsDonny GDonny G Safaris
The spiraling horns of a Kudu bull
 Eland bull in it's prime.
Outstanding Valie taken in Drakensberg
Common Reed Buck
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Dear Sirs,
I am an old hunting friend and loyal client of Donny G from Donny G Safaris in Kokstad, KZN.
Donny has guided me on numerous hunts throughout the country. I have, over the years, introduced numerous friends and family, local and international hunters to Donny G. We unanimously agree that Donny has produced exceptional trophies. His deep knowledge, insight, understanding of the veld and animals as well as rapport with his clients are par excellence. This coupled with well trained and organised staff, including trackers, have consistently produced exceptional hunting experiences.  Having hunted with numerous outfitters and professional hunters, I would continue recommending Donny G Safaris to friends and family as well as any interested hunter looking for a truly holistic hunting experience.
I would recommend Donny G for Big Eland, Kudu, trophy Vaalies, Mountain Reedbuck, Nyala and exceptional Common Reedbuck, just to mention a few species.
Over the years, I have taken note of Donny G and his eye for spotting animals at incredible distances.  Every experienced hunter would agree that coupled with an eye for spotting game are the ever reliant set of binoculars. Donny G favours Leica optics and I may attest to how he relied on his Leica Geovid 10 * 42 HD binoculars with built in range finder. So much so that I felt compelled to acquire my own pair. The crisp vision and versatility of the built in range finder have proven themselves again and again. The results, simply go to www.donnygsafaris.co.za, and the pictures speak for themselves!
Happy hunting with Leica and Donny G Safaris.

A Happy Client Mo

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