Donny G
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Very nice Eastern Cape Kudu with Donny G and Bubezi
Clint Kudu Hunt
Clint Kudu bull
 57" well done.
Bachas and Donny G
Exceptional Kudu shot by
Donny G taken in Tarakastad
Donny G and Belinda with kudu shot in Tarkastad
A very wide kudu bull
Andre's Bull shot in Umkomaas
Bull shot in Zululand
Narrow horn bull shot by Clint
Uncle Jack's bull well
done Jack.
Very nice Kudu with
Donny G and Bubezi
Sakkies bull taken at Jansenville
Pete's Bull well done boy.
Donny G and Mo
Our hunting staff ready to recover Kudu Bull
What a sight
Donny G  with Kudu shot in Tarkastad
Clint with Kudu Bull
John's  Kudu
Every hunters dream but not available
My Good mate Tony well done
John's kudu bull taken at Dunneden.
Donny G Kudu Bull
Mo's Unbelievable bull
Pete's outstanding Kudu bull
What a sight
 Donny G and Robbie
Donny G and Belinda Kudu Bull
My Beautiful wife Belinda
Loli's Kudu Bull
Mo's Kudu Bull
Clint and Terry's Kudu Bulls
Kudu in South Africa
Clint's Bull
 Jumping the fence
Donny G and Belinda
Doctor Doc's Bull
  Donny G's Bull
  Donny G's Bull
  Donny G and Belinda
Halley and Donny G,Magnificient Bull
  Donny G late afternoon
Doctor Doc
Mo's Bull
 Andre and Donny G
  Donny G and Belinda
Baccha's Kudu Bull
Belinda G with Kudu Bull
Mo's Once in a lifetime Kudu Bull
Clint's Kudu Bull
Stevie's magnificant Kudu Bull
Donny G giving thanks for his Bull
Donny G & Belinda G Kudu Bull